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Architecture Upwind, 3 bladed rotor, self regulating
Capacity 5kW
BWEA Reference Power 4711W (power output at 11m/s (24.6 mph))
Annual Energy Yield 9170kWh with Annual Mean Wind Speed (AMWS) of 5m/s (11.2mph) (to IEC & BWEA Standards)
Cut-In Wind Speed 3m/s (6.7mph)
Cut-Out Wind Speed None – continuous generation to survival wind speed
Survival Wind Speed 60m/s (134mph)
IEC Turbine Class Conforms to IEC 61400 to Class II – AMWS up to 8.5m/s (19mph)
Control System Patented Reactive Pitch™ control – at low to moderate wind speeds the patented pitch system, Reactive Pitch™, holds the blades in the optimum position for capturing maximum energy from the wind. At high wind speeds the R9000’s Reactive Pitch™ mechanism automatically pitches the blades so it can regulate energy capture and blade speed. It therefore continues to capture – up to the full 5kW power rating.
Rotor Diameter 5.5m (18’)
Rotor Speed 200rpm nominal
Blade Type Fully optimised aerofoil ensuring maximum yield & minimum noise
Blade Material Glass fibre reinforced composite, low reflection, UV & anti-erosion coatings
Generator Patented brushless direct drive, air-cored high efficiency Permanent Magnet Alternator
Gearbox None required (see generator)
Emergency Braking Patented automatic ElectroBrake™ (with manual control for servicing). No moving parts.
Yaw Control Passive tail vane and rotor
Design Longevity 20 years minimum. Regular maintenance inspections.
Noise Lp,25m = 52.8dB(A). BWEA Reference Sound Level at 8m/s (17.9mph) & 25m (82′) distance.
Lp,60m = 45.3dB(A). BWEA Reference Sound Level at 8m/s (17.9mph) & 60m (197′) distance.
Operating Temperature Range -20˚C – +50˚C
Warranty 5 years