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It is native to Europe.

St John’s wort is widely known as a herbal treatment for depression.



Benefits of St Johns Wort
– Appetizer
– Prevents stomach ache
– Strengthens the metabolism
– Treats gastritis and ulcer
– Decreases menstural pain in women
– Helps muscles to relieve
– To treat cough
– To cure the symptoms of bronchitis
– Helps treatment of kidney and urinary tract disorders
– To treat shingles
– To treat stammering
– To treat diarrhea
– To treat common flu and cold
– To get rid of
– Heals wounds

How to prepare

Add boiling water to a half table spoon of finely chopped dryied St Johns Wort leaves and wait for 4-5 minutes then filter. 2-3 cups a day is ideal.