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It is native to theOld World and is found from Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, southern Europe across to northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia to southeast India.

Flowers are borne in whorls, held on spikes rising above the foliage, the spikes being branched in some species. Some species produce coloured bracts at the apices. The flowers may be blue, violet or lilac in the wild species, occasionally blackish purple or yellowish.

Benefits of Lavender

  1. Fungal infections
  2. Wound healing
  3. Anxiety disorder and related conditions
  4. Hair loss
  5. Dental anxiety
  6. Post-tonsillectomy pain in children
  7. Premenstrual emotional symptoms

How to prepare

Add boiling water to a half table spoon of dryied thyme and wait for 4-5 minutes then filter. 2-3 cups a day is ideal.