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Honey is a high quality nourishment and also it is used in Medical applications as an alternative source. Turkey is one of the most important producers of Honey.

HALBES aims to produce honey that contains the benignant materials in the Medicial plant flowers which HALBES produces as well.

For that reason we tried to produce a special kind of honey particularly utilizing the echinacea and buckwheat flowers. 100 kilograms of honey that we produced in the years 2012 and 2013, was anaylzed by Ege University Pharmaceuticals Development & Pharmacokinetics Research-Application Center (AGREFAR). It is shown that there was no sugar in the honey. Our customers tell that they are satisfied with this spectacular honey.

Due to this very positive feedback, we added to our agenda the production of Medicinal Honey production for our future goals. In 2014 we increased our number of hives and we strive for more honey production. Our efforts will be growing with haste through 2015.