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HALBES operates with its affiliate company Kuras Agriculture and Livestock company in animal husbandry sector. The farm is located in Kars. Kuras was established in 2011 and actively operates in its sector. Presently Kuras owns 500 sheeps which consist of Malya, Hemşin, Hasmer and Hasak kind of sheeps.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute data livestock sector in Turkey seems not to be improving and developing. Keeping that in mind we direct our investments accordingly. Both quantitatively and qualitatively we would like part of the improvement and development of the livestock sector in Turkey.

We are well aware that meat has a strategic importance and it is a crucial nutritional source for people to continue their healthy existence. Lack of red meat is an important factor leading to anemia. Researches show that 70 % of females and 50 % of males suffer from anemia. Lack of sufficient red blood cells (anemia) is prone to many critical problems. It is proven that anemia leads to slower perception, fatigue, headache and impediments to ingenuity. That is why we believe meat matters and why everybody needs and deserves eating meat.

HALBES considers saying ‘stop’ to crucial problems in Turkey its goal, and directs its investments with this goal in mind.

For further information about Kuras, please see the website.