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Sulu Restorant LogoKültür ve Turizm

We pursue our principle of “Green” in tourism sector, which is know as industry without chimneys.

A rise in the level of cultural activities contributes to the level of human capital and also helps ecnomy to articulate even more.

Keeping that in mind we invested in gastro-cultural, geothermal and agritourism fields.


With our leading enterprises in gastro-cultural area Coffee Hub Café and Sulu Restaurant we offer you an experience so cosy, with natural food and sincere unlike any of your prior experiences.

Coffee Hub4Agritourism

Don’t you want to get rid of the stress of the city, eat healthy food in an authentic cottage,take a walk in meadows and have some fresh air?

We are looking forward to host you in our facilities in Çorum, which will be renovated soon enough.

Geothermal Toruism

Yozgat has a hude potential for geothermal tourism. We are doing our homework to convert that potential into reality.