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HALBES is a substantial investment instance which embodies two affiliate companies. Its work is pointed at and appreciated. Its range of products includes wind tubines, drying machines, medicinal and aromatic plants with good agricultural production certificate, caper, which well known around the World but is newly introduced to Turkey, dried fruits and vegetables, sheep & goat breeding aimed at meat efficiency.

This wide range of products led to the accumulation of knowledge and experince in HALBES, as a result of that we offer you to set up TurnKey farms/facilities that fit your purposes.


  • Livestock investment: Depending on your goals we think about every detail and present you projects that enables you to invest with minimum risk.
  • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: How much does it cost to set up a farm? Does Melissa grow in the place I want to set up my farm? Is this soil suitable for Peppermint growth? You need not to bother yourself with that questions. Contact us, counsel us. You will be given consultancy services for the costs, profitability and marketing of your products.