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After the evaluation meetings with Yalova Atatürk Horticultural Central Research Institute, HALBES decided to direct its investments on Medicinal and Aromatic plants to Yozgat, starting with the echinacea prodcution project. Following Ahmet Bircan Tınmaz’s counsel, who is the head of the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants department of Atatürk Horticultural Central Research Institute, with the seeds from that instituion 50.000 seedling was cultivated in 2011 in the Agromar Seedling Facilities located in Karacabey, Bursa. Seedlings were planted under the authority of Dr. Ayşe Gün, who is the director general of Organic Group İnvestment Advisory, and professional agricultural engineer Ahmet Bircan Tınmaz in Akbucak village in Sarıkaya, Yozgat where HALBES Limited owns 10 decares of wire clothed field. Since this enterprise concerning Medicinal and Aromatic Plants was first of its kind in Yozgat, both the governer of Yozgat province and the Yozgat Chamber of Commerce paid substantial attention to it. A panel discussion “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants” was held on 18.06.2011 under the chairmanship Metin Özışık, the head of the Yozgat Chamber of Commerce with HALBES Limited. HALBES has accelerated its operations on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants upto 2015. The field size was increased to 250 decares and inreased its product range. In addition to Echinacea and Buckwheat, Melissa, Stevia, Camomile (Matricaria Chamomila), Peppermint, White and Istanbul Thyme, Lavender, Sage and St. John’s Wort were planted and harvested succesfully. These products are open to sale both in retail stores and online under the trade mark Haluk Deda.