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My loyal lover, the soil. !

“We treat ourselves as we treat the earth” Wendell Berry

Soil is not valued enough however it is the most crucial natural resource for our existence. How nations can not think to save the soil, while they risk death for their country in other words their soil?

Soil is the skin of a country. We can not live without our skin. We have to care for our skin, that is to say our soil, so that our country, nation and state shall survive.

The Anatolian soil, which our nation owns is so unique that you can not take your eyes off it.

These lands have the richest flora known in the World. Even if only the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants were considered 3000 of them known in earth grows only in Turkey.

We all consider mines as strategical materials however in the long run the soil bears the same strategical importance.

As to Anatolia, with its rich and green flora it provides the green energy, as long as we are aware of it and we appreciate it.