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HALBES family operates under the principle of “Green” that is to say we take action always concerning humanitarian and environmental sustainability.

We manufacture 100 % Turkish made renewable energy generating wind turbines. Turkey imports 72 % of its energy and environment friendly part of that energy is negligible. Our innovative and sustainable envision understands that Turkey needs this local production for economic development and independence. Our wind turbines are designed by Yücel Hökelek who owns his patent “Yücel twin”.
We operate in various sub sectors in Agriculture such as the production, packaging and retail of Certificated “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants”. We would like to pioneer a pharmaceutical industry in Turkey wihch uses extracts from Medicinal and Aromatic Plants as the staple of medicines.

Our efforts on preserving and storing our agricultural products directed us to manufacture our own argicultural drying machines. There are two methods to preserve the agricultural surplus. One of those methods is to dry the products. We fill the gap in the market on heat controlled agricultural drying machines and we manufacture on demand different shapes, sizes and mobile drying machines.

Least but not last we operate in livestock sector. Meat prices are quite high in Turkey and everybody complains about that. It is crucial to consume enough red meat to prevent anemia and its related problems. The number of ovines in Turkey has declined during last twenty years almost to its half. We want to be part of the recovery process and serve as a model in the sector.