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Halbes was established in Ankara in 2010 to provide innovative management in agriculture and livestock breeding sectors in Turkey.

It is an indisputable fact that healthy alimentation is integral to a longer life expectancy. Similarly, illness prevention and effective defense of human body against diseases are also important in prolonging the human life span.  When Halbes was being established, both of these elements were taken into account.

Our aim is to institutionalize and grow with our people, improving agriculture industry in Turkey. In that sense, although Halbes was founded in Ankara, it has opened a branch office in Yozgat and established the first Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Production Farm in Turkey.  Furthermore, Halbes has opened a factory in Yozgat Organized Industry Zone, and is currently working to establish a Fruit and Vegetable Drying Facility, and a Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Processing Facility.


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Following its research studies into capers cultivation, in 2011, Halbes planted 50,000 capers seedlings in Dolgurga, Çorum, which is a natural cultivation area for capers.  Also, in 2013, Halbes planted 300 quince seedlings in Doldurga, where quince is commonly grown. In the upcoming years, Halbes will produce quinces, each weighing up to 1 kg. Halbes’ investments in Dodurga district of Çorum are managed by its sister company, HMC NATUREL.


kuras logoAs a result of Turkey’s accession process to the European Union (EU), Halbes has applied for EU-funded Agriculture and Livestock Breeding projects. Halbes has chosen medicinal and aromatic plants as its primary agriculture program. As for its livestock breeding program, Halbes has chosen organic ovine rearing and established a company named KURAS in Kars. We have prepared an application for IPART, which is a program introduced for the EU compliance.

Our vision is to make Halbes the leading company in the EU for standardized agriculture and livestock breeding.